Friedrich Nietzsche

Friedrich Nietzsche
Birth 1844
Death 1900

German philosopher and poet, influenced by Schopenhauer, who shook the moral foundations of Western civilisation. He challenged:

  • philosophical idealism with its metaphysical dualism of mind and body;

  • the Christian religion, which brushes over the value of earthly life and has a moral system that works better for slaves than for free people; and

  • the political system, based as it is on the unnatural concepts of democracy and equality.

One of Nietzsche’s major ideas was in his assertion that God was dead; old monotheistic religion has withered away for good, and science and reason have proven that the only reality is the physical world around us, a world without God or divine purpose. God has died and his death allows us to get on with our lives. It’s difficult to do justice to the influence of Nietzsche’s ideas on twentieth-century culture. The creative output of this mad genius served as one of our main sources of inspiration.

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