Hilarion the Great

Hilarion the Great
Birth 291
Death 372

Ascetic and hermit, who modelled himself on Anthony the Great as a teenager and for the 22 years that followed. Like his master, Anthony, he suffered the most excruciating temptations of the flesh in the form of unclean thoughts and visions of beautiful naked ladies. To thoroughly stamp out any signs of the life within, he let himself waste away in hunger, thirst and prayer. Hilarion’s holiness came out in his ability to perform miracles; like Jesus, he returned sight to the blind using their saliva, healed the lame with the words ‘Get up and walk!’ (‘Lève – toi et marche’) and even raised a man and girl from the dead. His remains didn’t decompose for a whole ten months after he died, but smelled lovely and continue to heal believers.

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