Maximus the Confessor

Maximus the Confessor
Birth 580
Death 662

Byzantine theologian who spent his whole life caught in the controversy about the nature of Jesus Christ. One doctrine, monothelitism, held that Christ had an entirely divine nature (his human nature ‘dissolved like a drop of honey in the sea’) and a single divine will. The other doctrine, dyothelitism, said the opposite: that Jesus had two natures, both human and divine, and two wills, although his divine nature took precedence. If you’ve spotted the fundamental difference between these doctrines and share Maximus’ dyothelitism then you’re in luck; they decided you’re not a heretic. Maximus wasn’t so lucky and his dyothelitism cost him dearly; the disputes ended in his tongue being ripped out and his right arm being hacked off, before being exiled for life.

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