Thomas Aquinas

Thomas Aquinas
Birth 1225
Death 1274

Hugely significant Christian philosopher, who tried to integrate Aristotelean philosophy (ethics) into Christian theology. He was absolutely convinced that God designed man to follow some kind of ‘natural law’ which corresponded perfectly with the law of God. This wonderful law, which allows for ‘just war’, should be the cornerstone of the state structure (it’s very similar to another religious line of argument that the government should operate on the basis of sharia law, don’t you think?). He systematised scholasticism, outlining five proofs for the existence of God. He made some allowance for reason, but was convinced that the Holy Scriptures were ultimately and absolutely supreme. He believed that the end goal of human existence was an afterlife spent blissfully contemplating God. He went into the minutest detail in matters of faith; this book contains his views on ways to innocently procreate in heaven whilst retaining your virginity, on the importance of circumcision and on the mortal sin of onanism.

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